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Other  Services

We also offer single lessons for to brush up skills or for new drivers:  1.5 hour duration for $ 76.50

Additional individual lessons is available for $ 54.00 .

If you need to rent a car for the Road Test please arrange this with the school ahead of time; before booking an appointment with ICBC. We bill a flat rate of $ 76.50 per test.  The rental lasts for a maximum of 1.5 hours.

A pre-road test evaluation is available.  This includes a 1 hour driving evaluation and a road test: $ 108.00.

For Standby Road Tests:  a maximum of 1.5 hours for a flat rate of $ 76.50.

Regular lessons : 1 hour for $ 54.00.  This lessons are recommended for students who are learning with a co-pilot and wish to review proper driving techniques with a Licensed Instructor).

Seniors Driver Preparation.

Need to brush up your driving skills and knowledge? Our chief Instructor will help you. He assesses your driving techniques before a re-examination.

Special Senior discount offered.

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