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1. Basic Level  - 5 lessons: Drivers with no experience. No practice road test available in this package.

This course is designed for brand new drivers who did not drive yet or have very limited experience.

You have to have a 7 L (learners license) before you go on public roads


Start driving with Government licensed Training Driving Instructor. Get it right from scratch. You will learn the standard procedure to pre-trip check, starting the car, moving forward and backing in, make turns, scanning the road and stopping at the curb or side.


2.   Intermediate Level - 4 lessons: Drivers with 10-15 hours of previous experience.

Note: Students are encouraged to have 5 hours driving time with a co-pilot (supervisor) and 12 hours experience by lesson 5 before continuing more advanced maneuvers on the road with the Instructor in this level. Lessons are split: 4 in-car lesson plus one hour evaluation and one hour road test when ready.


Students continue to learn more advanced driving techniques, safe lane changing, steering, speed control and stopping. Students will be required to communicate effectively with other drivers. On addition to tuning up ones driving skills, the student will learn the SIPDE SYSTEM from the textbook*.

  • S - scan
  • I - identify
  • P - predict
  • D - decide
  • E - execute

3. Advanced level - 5 lessons: 25-30 hours of previous experience. Students will master driving techniques and maneuvers, the Instructor will assess and evaluate the student's skills before taking the official Road Test.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing the advanced level course. ICBC is recommending that a minimum of 50 hours of driving time should be completed before the Class 7 exam.


Students will master all basic and advanced driving skills. Observation, space margin, steering, speed control, hazard perception and road communication will play a vital role in preparation for the Road Test. Students will be assessed and evaluated on driving skills, understanding of road signs and knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Act regulations Selective exercises shall be completed from the textbook.


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