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Mission Statement

 We are committed to teach drivers proper skills to save lives, minimize injuries and property damage in case of motor vehicle accidents.

Better training is our paramount objective.


 At Astrosonic Driving School we will show students how to develop knowledge and skills. We are dedicated to teach the best driving habits, techniques and deliver tools to achieve safe driving skills for use through your entire life.

  • Reliability you can count on.

  • Service you can trust

Company Profile

Astrosonic Driving School was established in 2001 in Chilliwack to meet the increasing demand for qualified Driving Instructors. Changed requirements for Class 7/5 license by ICBC and an unfortunate high road test failure rate (about 40 %) created the need for more training. ICBC developed and improved the driving program in 1998 which requires you to have excellent vehicle control skills and more experience, to be a safer driver, and have less crashes or fatalities on the road

The Chief Instructor is a licensed Training Instructor in British Columbia to provide training for Class 7 and 5. He has over 30 years driving experience both in Europe and in North America. He was a licensed DrivingInstructor in the early 80's in Ontario.

We would like to introduce you to the basic concepts of car efficiency or how to save gas in your vehicle. Ask our instructor for details or use the link to National Resources Canada. Did you know that 1 liter of gasoline produces 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide? Learn this and more at National Resources Canada.

Every student signing up for the course will receive a detailed School Policy.

All this, of course, is due to value conscious customers like you and the community we live in. We do not guarantee that you will pass the exam, but we are sure that you will learn to be a safe, defensive driver for life.

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